Live Performance Recording

When someone is thinking of hiring your band for their club / wedding / party, they want to know what you’ll sound and look like. A quality recording of a live performance will leave no doubt what a potential booking can expect.

We film live performances with two identical video cameras. One camera takes the wide shot while the other zooms in on the action on the stage. In post production, we edit back and forth.

We will shoot wherever you are playing. The preferred venues in Athens, Georgia for filming live video are the Georgia Theater, The Melting Point or The Classic Theater. These venues have excellent balconies to set up the camera equipment and shoot unobstructed views of the stage.

For $250, we will film your entire set and edit together two songs into finished music videos.
Additional music videos are $35 each.
For a band booked with a headliner who has hired us, and who’s set we also film,
we will create videos from your performance for $50 each. 

If you want the raw footage, we can provide that to you
for a small price or instead of one of the videos.


Check out some examples of our Live Performance Videos!

The Welfare Liners Squidbillies Theme Cover

Welfare Liners performing The Squidbillies theme song.

UGA's Pamoja Dance Troupe rocks to '2 for U'

Filmed on April 13 at the Oconee County Civic Center.

Abbey Road Live!
The Beatles' "Because"

Here's Abbey Road Live! doing the Beatles' "Because"
at the Georgia Theater in Athens.

Abbey Road Live!
The Beatles' "Yer Blues"

Abbey Road Live! does "Yer Blues"
at The Georgia Theater.

Erica Sunshine Lee
'How 'Bout Them Dawgs'

Erica Sunshine Lee rocks 'How 'Bout Them Dawgs'
at The Georgia Theater (single camera).

Dwight Wilson & Classic City Soul
'Just My Imagination'

Dwight Wilson & Classic City Soul do The Temptations
"Just My Imagination" at the Georgia Theater (single camera).

Norma Rae featuring Ty Manning "In Spite of Ourselves"

Norma Rae with Ty Manning,
"In Spite of Ourselves" at the Theatre.

Norma Rae "Set you free"

Norma Rae, "Set you free."

Ashley Rivera

Ashley Rivera performing Buried.

Other Side of Homer "Fun Time, Not a Long Time"

OSH playing FTNLT at the Georgia Theatre.