Custom Music Videos

A cool music video is a great promotional tool. Nothing is as fun and entertaining for your fans than seeing a great short film starring you set to your music. In this Internet age, your fan base is online and watching YouTube instead of TV.

On this page are examples of our “Custom” music videos where we go all out with the production and special effects. If you want something less ambitious (read: costs a lot less and shooting only takes a day), you want what we call a “Standard Music Video”.
Click here to see our Standard Music Videos.

"Kill The Words!"
Timi Conley of Kite to the Moon

A very trippy, green-screened video.

"The Only Way"
Chris McKay and the Critical Darlings

A very spacey, green-screened, effect-filled music video.

"I Enjoy Being A Girl"
Shitty Candy & the Circus Peanuts

Girl punk band, Shitty Candy, in gender bending music video
where they interact with opposite sex, cross-dressed versions of themselves.

Cartoon Network / Squidbillies
/Welfare Liners

We filmed a portion of a television commercial that ran nation-wide on the
Cartoon Network for the band The Welfare Liners