Promotional Videos

Reading takes concentration and effort.

Video is easy. Viewers just click ‘play’ then sit back and take in the images and message.
The Internet and Television are merging. Video is the best way to reach to your audience.

Here are some examples of our work.

Fun Time Gym

Coach House talks about his services while images
of what he's talking about are shown behind him on screen.

Jay Braver Web Development Intro Video

After viewing this video, new clients would call me and immediately start
talking to me as if they already knew me. And that's the desired effect.

Kevin Kinney / Wounded Warriors Foundation

We created a PSA with Kevin Kinney of Drivin' & Cryin'
for the Wounded Warriors Foundation.

Cartoon Network / Squidbillies
/Welfare Liners

We filmed a portion of a television commercial that ran nation-wide on the
Cartoon Network for the band The Welfare Liners