Standard Music Video

A “Standard” music video is the budget version of our “Custom” music videos.
We limit production to a single day or show which greatly reduces the complexity and effort yet still produce a quality video. This is a step up from our “Live Performance” music videos.

Here are examples of what your video could look like:

Erica Sunshine Lee
‘Girls Night Out’

We are extremely proud of 'Girls Night Out' music video by Erica Sunshine Lee.
This was shot during one performance at the Georgia Theatre


Chris McKay "That Excites Me"

"That Excites Me," a music video produced for Chris McKay.

More Chris McKay:
"Best of What's Around"

"Stuck in the Country"
Scott Low of Efren

An old timey look in sepia and vignetting to
match the rustic, country style of the song.